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About the GMC Motorhome

Text courtesy of GMCMI

If you wanted to design a motorhome back in the 1970s, you probably
would have started with a box
on a truck chassis with furniture inside.
But not General Motors!
The GMC Motorhome was the
first of its kind built by a major
automotive manufacturer.
Nearly 13,000 GMC Motorhomes
in 23 or 26 foot lengths
were produced during the
1973-78 production period.
Initially 15 floor plans and four
models each with unique
interior decor were available.
Additional models, colors and interiors
were available over the production period.
It could sleep four to six people with
the convenience of a kitchen, furnace,
air conditioning, bathroom and shower.
The GMC Motorhome was a
beautifully styled, luxurious motorhome,
originally selling for as much as
$40,000 fully equipped.

Innovative Ideas

Above the chassis is a complete cage of heavy gauge aluminum ribs and stringers. On top of this substructure are bonded skin panels not unlike that of today’s aircraft. The roof and upper side panels are mirror-smooth aluminum while the lower skin panels, nose and rear sections are molded fiberglass. Imron paint was used for the exterior finish.
• the GMC Motorhome was the first
motorhome to be tested in a wind tunnel
• front wheel drive technology utilized by
the Oldsmobile Toronado along with the
Oldsmobile 455 and later 403 cubic-inch
engines and Turbo-hydramatic transmission
• front torsion bar suspension and in-line
tandem rear wheels suspended by air bags
and an automatic leveling and raise/lower
ability for leveling at a campground.
• a low floor for easy entry and exit
by occupants
• a low center of gravity for better handling
• a low roofline for maximum clearance
• built in vacumn cleaner

The GMC Motorhome was first offered in the 1973 model year. Over the six year production
period, a number of changes and enhancements
were made Improving on the original design.
Probably the biggest change was for the 1975 model
year when many improvements were incorporated.
Later in mid 1977 the 455 cu. in. engine was
replaced with the Olds 403 as a result of General
Motors corporate downsizing. Manufacturing
continued through1978 when it was decided to
end production and use the manufacturing
facilities for van and pick up production.
The story doesn’t end there however, of the
12,921 built, It is believed more than half of them are
still on the road nearly 40 years later. Some have
been well maintained while others have suffered
from neglect. Some have been restored and others
have been renovated and customized.
A number of dedicated vendors help keeping these
coaches running with new as well as innovative
replacement parts, providing their owners with a
high level of support.
Enthusiastic owners are members of a number of
GMC Motorhome chapters that are fully recognized
by Family Motor Coach Association.